Urban Enquiry was established by Cathryn Chatburn in 2015. Cathryn is an award winning designer with extensive experience in the development of highly complex urban projects, gained over 26 years' of practice across Australia and internationally. 


Cathryn has a proven ability to both lead and work effectively as a member of multi-disciplinary design teams and an ability to quickly filter complex layers of issues and information to present ideas and solutions for project development and delivery.

Her project work benefits from the attributes of a personal passion & a challenging mind. Cathryn utilises this initiative and personal motivation to develop projects to their full creative potential and she is continually developing her personal skills and theoretical knowledge to improve opportunities to pursue project innovation, efficiency and outcomes.

Cathryn has worked at a diverse range of project scales, for both public sector and private clients, including significant leadership roles in large-scale urban regeneration projects in the UK and across Australia.

From this portfolio of work she has extensive experience working with and effectively engaging stakeholders, clients and the general public in the process of successful design development.


Cathryn is a passionate team player that believes in the power of collaboration and working closely with clients and diverse professional disciplines to ensure project outcomes are progressive, integrated and effective.

Her approach to Master Planning and Urban Design reflects these beliefs in the adoption of six simple principles:

  • Create strong and shared team culture

  • Use design as a process for creative and collaborative problem solving

  • Deliver evidence based planning and design

  • Test economically grounded solutions

  • Focus on buildable and cost effective outcomes to catalyse change

  • Deliver compelling urban narratives to inspire and align stakeholders in the long term

Urban Enquiry can help by...

Devising Urban Strategies - Working closely with clients to understand their challenges and shape project briefs that explore and deliver appropriate outcomes.

Facilitating Robust Conversations - Creating a team culture and project process that unifies the project team and client, and offers an effective platform for bold conversations, that take on and understand the big challenges to delivering progressive outcomes. 

Creating Alignment - Shaping and directing complex multi-disciplinary teams that combine the skills of engineering, economics, architecture and planning to holistically address project challenges and deliver truly integrated, robust and resilient urban outcomes. 

Defining 'Spatial Business Plans' - Creating spatial strategies to guide investment in sustainable infrastructure and property development, developing Urban Design and Master Planning outcomes that establish ‘Spatial Business Plans’ to guide change over time and support the premise that ‘good design makes good business sense’.